Saturday, March 17, 2018

Chasseurs Alpins go Green

The battalion of the 13th Alpine Chasseurs in Savoy reduced its energy consumption by 50%. 
"What is done here obviously serves as a laboratory", says Colonel Jacques Massot, chief of the defense infrastructure service of Lyon. The Roc-Noir-de-Barby (Savoie) district, home to some 1,100 alpine hunters at the foot of the Bauges massif, has undergone a profound but almost invisible change in the past two years. The two-story buildings of the 1970s have kept their facade greyish and unattractive, but "solar carpets" installed on the roofs now make it possible to produce hot water. Insulation has been thoroughly overhauled, and electric heaters, installed in the golden age of nuclear energy, have been replaced by a wood-fired boiler plant, fueled by the region's forests.
In total, 30 buildings (for a heated area of ​​more than 41,500 m²) have been renovated. 

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