Thursday, March 29, 2018

The Uniforms of the First Chasseurs Alpins, 1888-1891

As most followers of this blog will know, the Chasseurs Alpins were the first military units to adopt the beret as part of their uniform. However famous their large berets ("tartes") may be, there is actual not much visual evidence of these early berets.
This photo of a Chasseur of the 28th BACP is dated 1891. The Dolman tunic and hooded collar is the 1891 model and must be brand new. The embroidered badge on his tarte is a hunting horn, accompanied  by an Edelweiss badge.
This photo seems to be a Chasseur of the 11th BCA. He wears the hooded collar (originally from the Parisian firefighters, 1850 model). The tunic is the 1867 model, with red or green piping on the cuffs. 

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