Sunday, May 6, 2018

Taddle Creek

Taddle Creek is a literary magazine based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is published twice yearly and has a mix of various kinds of fiction, nonfiction, and visual art.
Taddle Creek showcases the work of authors and illustrators who live (primarily, but not exclusively) in the Toronto area. This has led to the perception "in some catty literary circles" that Taddle Creek is "Torontocentric". A typical issue of Taddle Creek will feature a mix of fiction, poetry, interviews, comics, essays, and photographs,
The magazine also has an on-line component that features a large archive of previously published material, subscription information, book recommendations, and contributor bios.
Utne Reader has described the magazine as "offbeat". According to Taddle Creek itself, it aims for an "urban" and contemporary attitude that avoids the "snowstorm on the prairie kind of thing" or even the confines of any one literary style, and calls itself "the journal for those who have come to detest everything the literary magazine has become in the twenty-first century." 
Broken Pencil's writers declared Taddle Creek a "gorgeous" magazine and said it had achieved "a track record of consistently publishing an extremely engaging collection of fiction, poetry and illustration."
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