Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Bunker Museum of La Rochelle

The Bunker Museum of La Rochelle was an almost secret place that was visited by appointment only. During the war, the officers of the submarines of the Kriegsmarine, had requisitioned the hotel of the foreigners and built in the basements, under a ceiling of 3.5 meters of concrete, a refuge of 300 m².
Jean-Luc Labor in the Bunker Restaurant
They went down in case of alarm and soon decided to stay down there regularly by transforming it into a beer bar, with music and painted ceilings recalling the seabed with crabs, sirens and fishing nets. The submariners were considered heroes in the German army and they were entitled to some adjustments to the normal discipline, such as permission to listen to American swing music.
In 1984, Jean-Luc Labor found this bunker where only the paintings on the ceilings had survived. Little by little, like a collection of stamps, he says, he began to look for the memories of the war years in La Rochelle. Gradually he transformed it into this amazing place that today brings together tens of thousands of documents and objects recalling the destiny of the city and its inhabitants during the second war.

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