Sunday, November 17, 2019

Brigade Piron

It weren't just the Americans and British who liberated (the Belgian province of) Limburg, the Belgian Piron Brigade also plays an important role. 
Although it is often forgotten today. “The recognition in France is much greater than in the home country. That hurts, "says Georges Gabriel, one of the last remaining Belgian liberators.
The Independent Belgian Brigade was a Belgian and Luxembourg military unit in the Free Belgian forces during World War II, commonly known as the Piron Brigade (Brigade Piron) after its commanding officer Jean-Baptiste Piron. It saw action in Western Europe and participated in the Battle of Normandy, the Liberation of Belgium, and fighting in the Netherlands over 1944-1945.
"In the end, we fought for our country. We have never received anything in return."
Brigade Piron originated in 1940, with hundreds of Belgian soldiers who had escaped to Britain, as had the Belgian Government. A new command of the Belgian Army, under Lieutenant-General Victor van Strydonck de Burkel, was created in Tenby on 25 May 1940, three days before the Belgian capitulation. 
The Belgian Forces in Britain were officially made available to the Allies on 4 June 1942.. A Luxembourgian unit was assigned to Brigade Piron in March, forming an artillery troop. Because the Belgians had arrived from around the world, thirty-three languages were spoken in the Brigade in 1944.
René Herpol - Brigade Piron Veteran
Brigade Piron formed the basis of the new Belgian Army.
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