Sunday, June 28, 2020

Pépé Benoît - the Man Who Owns Over 850 Mortorbikes

Jean-Pierre (Pépé) Benoît was born in 1953 in Raon l'Étape in the Vosges departmentof France, the eldest of a family of eight children. His father and uncles were all lumberjacks or forest agents and moved on motorcycles, mopeds and even bikes – none could afford a car.
The motorbike also served for family outings. When to see Le Tour de France, when it was passing through the Vosges, they even took his little brothers and sisters in the trailer made by Grandpa Gaston and towed by one of papa's motorcycles, a Peugeot 350.
Aged 11 he got his first moped and then a motorbike at 14; this was the start of Pépé becoming a collector – he now owns over 850 motorbikes!
None are sold, despite having got offers well into the 6 digits. Now 80% disabled after an accident, he wants to live his passion 100%.
These days he rides a sidecar and slowly gets back on a “real” bike, a Honda CB250 – learning to ride again.

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