Saturday, September 19, 2020

Patrick Maurin

Patrick Maurin is a city councillor of Marmande who went on a 250-kilometer-long walk between Le Touquet and Paris to draw attention to the problem of suicides among French farmers.

Farmers are over-represented in suicide rates. A phenomenon which has lasted "for at least forty years" but which remains taboo.

The suicide mortality of farmers in France is 20% higher than that of the general population and 30% for dairy cattle breeders alone.

According to the survey, there is a farmer suicide almost every other day, mostly men aged 45 to 54.

While agricultural incomes are already among the lowest in the country (350 euros per month for more than 30% of them), the study underlines that the greatest number of suicides "was observed during the months when prices of milk were the lowest ".

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