Wednesday, September 2, 2020

🦩The Flamingos Have Landed🦩

Berets are big in Japan and have been for many decades. Apart from a good presence of imported French and Spanish berets, most berets are made in Japan. Japan may have the largest number of quality beret manufacturers within its borders and all these berets are made to a very high standard.

Most famous are the DEER Basques, made by Kongo-Shokai until the company’s closure in 2016, and now collector's items. It was hard to find a worthy alternative, but now South Pacific Berets has teamed up with Flamingo Berets.

There are many beret manufacturers in Japan, all typically providing excellent work, but only Flamingo Berets are handmade; dyed with the blessed groundwater of Mount Aso; slow dried in sunlight and the whole manufacturing process integrated in one company.
The company's base is Uki City in Kumamoto Prefecture, looking out over Mount Aso, the largest active volcano in Japan.

Flamingo Berets come in a range of models; in cotton and pure merino wool; with and without lining and in the most intense, beautiful naturally dyed colours.

The finest cotton berets available anywhere. 25 cm diameter, fitted with the Flamingo adjustable sizing system and in 4 colours, with and without satin lining.
The Flamingo Chobo 6000 is a super comfortable beret in 28cm Ø.
100% Merino wool, available in 5 colours, with and without lining and all fitted with the Flamingo adjustable sizing system.
The Flamingo W6200 and W400 models are essentially the same, apart from their weight.
The W6200 is a 85 gram merino wool beret best suited for warm and mild weather; the 115 gram W400 is great for in-between seasons and winter. Both models are without 'chobo' (cabillou), measure 30cm in diameter and are fitted with a comfortable elasticated rim which is size adjustable. The berets are unlined and fitted with the smaller Flamingo label in the rim of the band.
These handmade, naturally dyed and sun-dried berets are of a rare colour intensity and arguably the most comfortable berets to be found.

The Flamingo sizing system is an ingenious way to make the beret size adjustable; as comfortable as it is simple.

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