Monday, October 26, 2020

Louis Ferron

Louis Ferron (born Karl Heinz Beckering; 1942 –2005) was a Dutch novelist and poet.

Louis Ferron was born in Leiden out of an adulterous relationship between a married German soldier and a waitress from Haarlem named Ferron. His father took the boy to Germany, and when he was killed shortly before the end of World War II, Karl Heinz was raised in Bremen as the stepchild of his father's widow. After the war he returned to the Netherlands, where he was renamed Aloysius (Louis) Ferron. He was raised by his mother's parents, but also stayed with foster families and in children's homes. Initially he desired to be a painter; at age 18, he married a daughter of the author Lizzy Sara May, and his wife encouraged him to become a writer.

Ferron's work involves topics found in the work of Friedrich Nietzsche and Sigmund Freud; he was influenced by Thomas Bernhard and especially by Louis-Ferdinand Céline. In his novels, Ferron unmasks ideologies and romantic illusions to uncover the chaos of desire and secret formal conventions.

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