Tuesday, October 13, 2020

The Goat in a Tree

 A Cautionary Tale (from the High Atlas mountains of Morocco)

Our latest label and beret design is inspired by a sad but true encounter which Mister Childish had whilst enjoying a walking/sketching trip to the High Atlas Mountains with his good wife in the early 2000's. Sitting himself beneath an ancient juniper tree he took up brush and paper and proceeded to sketch the vista before him.
It was whilst so engaged that he felt his beret being lifted from his head.

Turning sharply, he was confronted by a white billy goat, his beret dangling from its laughing mouth.
Before a man could utter 'billy goat gruff' the goat sprang into the bows of the ancient juniper and then with great agility ascended to the highest branches of the tree from where it looked down upon mister Childish in what he later described 'a look of malevolent glee'.
The goat then began chomping on Mister Childish's beret consuming it entirely, bite by goaty bite.
It is in commemoration of the sad but true destruction of an otherwise impermeable beret that we have created this special Goat in a Tree - Chyldish Fear Naught Beret.
Wear your beret with pride, but when walking in the mountains, never turn your back on a goat.

Billy Childish

The Goat in a Tree series is a line of full weight (110 - 130 grams) heavy duty berets. These berets come in three stunning colours and in three plateau's/diameters of approximately 27, 29 and 30.5cm.

The label is based on the painting 'Goat in a Tree' by Billy Childish and stands for superbly made berets in dense merino wool with a British style 100% cotton lining.

Parameters for the making of the Goat in a Tree berets were: Comfort; Natural Materials (Wool and Cotton); Beauty (Intense Earthly Colours); High Insulation Capacity; a Variety of Diameters to Suit Different Tastes and Styles, a Good Grip for (Wellington-like) Windy Weather and Affordability.

The available colours are Winter-Green ("Feldgrau"), Russet (Chestnut) and Pine (Jade).

The making of the beret label in four colours; Black, Orange, Turquoise and Silver:

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