Sunday, November 29, 2020

Postie #2

For 40 years, Daniel Baranowski ensured the distribution of mail in this district of Thionville. "I'm the Post Office mammoth, the office dinosaur," smiles the postman. He has just retired.

The 61-year-old entered the club in the 1970s, when he was 17. He saw the city evolve. The job too. “Today, the young postmen, they run like rabbits,” Daniel breathes. He has always favoured personal contact, without worrying about the stopwatch. "If it took an hour longer, we didn't care. When you have a good heart and a smile every day, it creates bonds! "

The postman will no longer ring. But he returned to the Côte des Roses where he has his bearings. This Thionvillois has put away the uniform and beret and now intends to devote himself to his garden and to his painting. “I even bought a fishing rod,” he says.

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