Thursday, February 25, 2021

More Vintage Cars & Berets

A lady wearing a Basque beret and spectacles posing in the driver's seat of a Fiat Topolino. The location is a cobbled country road somewhere in northern Germany. A couple of farmhouses with thatched roofs are visible in the background. The car is equipped with a radiator grille cover.

Two ladies in fur coats posing with a rare Austro-Daimler saloon on a bleak winter's day. Note the unusual wing-mounted indicators and the pair of windshield defrosters, so-called Sleetchasers. The car is registered in the city of Vienna

A lady wearing a white dress and a Basque beret and a fellow in a white shirt posing with an Opel in the countryside. The car is registered with pre-war German licence plates of the Prussian province of Silesia.

Photos courtesy of Raoul, Vintage Cars & People.

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