Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Vintage Cars & Berets

A fellow wearing a Basque beret and a raincoat posing with a Pontiac on an Alpine road. The location is Fuscher Törl at the top of Grossglockner High Alpine Road, as the words "Fuscher Törl, September 1952" – handwritten on reverse – explain. Is he really the owner of the Swiss-registered convertible, or just a passer-by posing with a prestigious car for fun?

A young lady posing with a BMW in an Alpine landscape. The following words in German are handwritten on reverse: "1938 – Zur Besichtigung nach Schellenbergalm bei Berchtesgaden" (1938 – visiting Schellenbergalm near Berchtesgaden). The car is registered in the city of Munich

A fellow with a Basque beret and a little white dog posing with a Fiat. Note that the car's radiator mascot has the form of a dog's head. The Art déco-style radiator grille with its radial bars also seems to be an aftermarket addition to the car. Could these be French licence plates from the Territoire de Belfort region?

Photos courtesy of Raoul, Vintage Cars & People.

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