Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Mike Reynolds

Long time UK beret-wearer (and South Pacific Berets customer) Mike Reynolds was born in Kent in 1959. 

Although a long way from New Zealand, Mike is my favourite radio presenter. When writing my posts, filling orders and responding to emails, I typically listen (if not to Bach) to Winchcombe Calling

Inspired by the great John Peel, Mike beams out around the world a great selection of punk, rock & roll, folk, reggae, blues, country, etc, old and new, from Radio Winchcombe Community Radio. 

To me, it was a great discovery, as the music played takes me straight back to my teenage and early adult years. Amazing how many long forgotten memories get reawakened!

Interestingly, it's not just berets and music that Mike and I share; art, history indigenous cultures and trekking to name a few., not to mention being both drop outs of psychiatric nursing!

Discover Winchcombe Calling at any time on MixCloud

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