Sunday, August 8, 2021

Meijer Bleekrode

Meijer Bleekrode trained to polish diamonds but felt drawn to the art world. After completing his art education at the Quelliniusschool and Rijksnormaalschool, he decided to use his artistic talents for the socialist cause. His designs for the SDAP (Dutch Labour Party) and the Algemeen Nederlandse Diamantbewerkersbond [the diamond-workers’ union] included posters and book covers.

Bram Bleekrode, by Meijer Bleekrode

In August 1942, Meijer Bleekrode went into hiding with his wife and two children. He and his wife were captured and deported.

After the war the two children collected the art works of Meijer Bleekrode, and eventually donated them to the Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam.

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