Thursday, September 16, 2021

Burndust Delbert

Wearing berets typically runs in families, often from generation to generation. Less typical is to see two boinero brothers who both have plenty of reason to feature on The Beret Project.
Delbert is Greg's, the Dreadlock Cowboy's, brother; a musician (percussion) in his own right, but also a cinematographer (using antiquated 8mm,9.5mm and 16mm motion picture equipment) and organizer of performance art shows.
Under the name of Burndust Productions, Delbert made short films and did strange performance art shows in odd places. One show was in an old retired Vietnam War cargo plane on an airfield in the California desert. 
They filled the plane with film and slide projectors and strange Moog Synthesizer music all running at the same time. The audience was seated on the bomb bay doors.
The film above was shot in 2002; a post-apocalyptic samurai thing. Weird electronic music and all shot on 16mm, Super and Regular 8mm using vintage cameras. The sound is intentionally out of sync at times to replicate the bad dubbing of Godzilla films.
Plenty reasons for being on the Project here, but the best is that over the years, we have become good friends - smoking apipe being one of the binding factors!

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