Sunday, September 12, 2021

The Dreadlock Cowboy

Sometimes, a long-term customer turns into a friend, like Greg, aka the Dreadlock Cowboy. We have corresponded for some years now, but only recently I asked him about the origins of the Dreadlock Cowboy.

I quote: "Ah, the dreadlock cowboy story….once upon a time, in somewhat younger days, I used to run with some stunt men and real cowboys at the Galesteo Rodeo grounds south of Santa Fe, New Mexico (and just west of the Pecos). I really thought I wanted to ride the bucking broncos, but the guys said, “Listen Dude, we think that you're one heck of a guitar and banjo picker, and if we let you try that you’ll bust yourself up so bad, you'll never play again.” 

Dreadlock Cowboy in action - Pre-Beret Days

"I kept bugging them, and finally they said, "O.K. how about you be the Dreadlock Cowboy instead”, because I used to have the locks down to my belt. They gave me a beat up hat, and an old Mexican guitarron bass, and I started playing cowboy songs with their friend El Jefe. El Jefe was a fire-walking cowboy singer, who could yodel to beat the band, and we formed a group that played in Santa Fe, and around the Pecos area as…..Show Down at Sundown….. Jefe The Outlaw meets The Dreadlock Cowboy….. sometimes Olga Siberia would even sit in with her accordion. It was a great time and it did keep me off a horse."

Love the story Greg and look forward to the moment I can see and hear you play in real life (dreadlocks or not...)!

Thanks, Greg!

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