Monday, September 5, 2022

Onelio Jorge Cardoso

Onelio Jorge Cardoso (1914–1986) was a Cuban editor, screenwriter, short fiction writer and party functionary.

He started writing at a young age, winning a short story writing contest in 1936. However, it was not until 1945 when he became known by winning the "Alfonso Hernández Catá" contest with a story entitled "Coalmen" (Los carboneros). In 1945, he published in Mexico his first book, Taita, you tell me how (Taita, diga usted cómo). In 1948, he settled in HavanaHe was awarded the National Award of Peace for his story "Scrap Iron" (Hierro viejo). He published his second book in 1958, The storyteller (El cuentero).

After the Cuban Revolution, he became Director of the Institute of Music Copyrights, Chief of Special Articles of Granma, and Chief Editor of Pueblo y Cultura and Pionero magazines.

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