Monday, November 14, 2022

1969 Wisconsin Strikes

A Huelgusta (striker) against Fall River Canning Company with Obreros Unidos (United Workers), standing with a crowd. Pinned on her jacket is a United Farmerworkers (UFW) button with its eagle symbol and the message, "Viva la Causa" (Long Live the Cause)/Solidarity Forever." On her beret are two buttons, with the same button on the right and a button with a clenched fist on the left. Grape boycotts in Wisconsin were organized by the local farm-worker labor union, Obreros Unidos, an independent farm worker labor union effort in the 1960s.

Jorge Vasquez (wearing beret) discusses strategy with Fall River Canning Company workers after walkout. Children, youth and adults stand clustered in a circle around Vasquez in a gravel parking lot.

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