Tuesday, May 9, 2023

El Gañan Enmascarado

 'El gañán enmascarado' is a comic series about the adventures of a superhero (with beret) from Tomelloso, by author Pedro Salinas.
Gañan's first appearances were in Tomelloso's "Fanzín-Bazín", the magazine promoted by José Vicente González, alias "Pepe, el Mocho". 
The superhero appeared there along with other unforgettable characters such as Braulio, "the vampire of Los Portales", "Brother Petraca", Faria-Man, the Cubata Man, the Vinagres Brother and the Vertedera Woman, all inspired by the local environment of Tomellosero.

Pedro Salinas showed his predilection for the world of comics and illustration from a very young age He also collaborated in the Madrid magazine "A la calle" and in others such as "Baraka", from Alcázar de San Juan. 

He also published articles on the world of comics, both nationally and internationally.

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