Thursday, September 17, 2009

Berets for Higher Conscience!

I make one exception to the traditional Basque Beret in this South Pacific Berets Shop:
these handmade American Hoodlums with Om and Peace symbols on them.
Great craft work combined with a beautiful design.
These berets are made out of two berets, the top -symbol- layer cut out of one and sewed on to the basis.
I wear mine before, during and after meditations and highly recommended them as a fantastic headgear and a gopsmacking piece of art!

There are five models to choose from (following the top-picture from left to right, top down):
01 - Black/Brown
02 - Black/Dark Red (with Txortena or "fuse")
03 - Orange/Yellow
04 - Grey/Black (with Txortena or "fuse")
05 - Brown/Black (with Txortena or "fuse")

More on the Om Symbol can be found here.
Please advise on preferred model when checking out.

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