Sunday, September 27, 2009

More Covers

And since I have done the Posters, the Albums and CD covers, I may as well continue with magazine and book covers...
And there are a few to be found!
I don't want to go down the endless track of "Green Beret" publications, or the numerous magazines showing off John Wayne under his green beret.
More interesting I find books like 'My last Breath', by Luis Buñuel:

Interestingly, quite a few "man's magazines" feature berets on their cover pages, like these vintage magazines:

Bikers and berets always go well together, also on book covers:

And of course there are countless fashion magazines showing berets:

More serious of course are the books dealing with the beret. I have already dedicated a post to Jouvion's book "Le Beret". Here are two Spanish publications:

My book on berets? I hope to have the manuscript ready some time next year - this blog is taking quite some time away from writing the book, unfortunately... I'll keep you updated here.

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