Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The NZ Series #2 John Sepie - Wood Artist / Potter

John Sepie

As a creative wood worker and potter, John Sepie is a self-confessed dreamer and inventor. His works are empowered by his free flow lifestyle with his home, kiln and workshops nestled comfortably on Utopia Road, just north of Westport (on the South Island's West Coast of N.Z.).
 John Sepie - Wood Artist / Potter
With a local trade mark image of beret and shoulder-length grey locks, John works as a craftsman of wood, clay and a connoisseur of people; which helps his pottery and wooden products to be perfect for everyday living and use.

When the tides are out John ventures out on to dry-sands, salvaging native driftwoods, forever collecting and hunting for that perfect burl.

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