Monday, September 14, 2009

New Stock at South Pacific Berets

New stock for my South Pacific Berets shop is coming in over the next few weeks.

A wider range of berets from Boinas Elósegui (Básica, Fina, Tupida and Super Lujo), Espinosas in Navy-Blue and Black from Buenos Aires, Om-embroidered Hoodlums from the United States and original Pakols from Afghanistan.

Already available through the web shop are Elósegui Fina's and Tupida's in 28cm (11"), a wide variety of Elósegui berets for women, Espinosa's in Burgundy 26cm, Espinosas Tolosa with headband and -as a try out in the shop- one of my favorites: the 100% cotton, satin lined Boina Tolosa Tupida, a beautiful beret for Summer and warmer climates.

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