Thursday, April 29, 2010

Blackbook's Carice van Houten

Black Book is a 2006 World War II film directed by Paul Verhoeven, and starring Carice van HoutenSebastian KochThom Hoffman, and Halina Reijn. The story is about a young Jewish woman in the Netherlands who becomes a spy for the resistance during World War II after tragedy befalls her in an encounter with the Nazis. The film had its world premiere on September 1, 2006 at the Venice Film Festival and its public release on September 14, 2006 in the Netherlands.
The press in the Netherlands was divided, but with three Golden Calves Black Book was the most awarded film at the Netherlands Film Festival in 2006. The international press responded mostly positively, especially to the performance of van Houten. 
Despite it being another very Dutch film (sex for sex's sake, lots of intense action, shock effects and brutalism), I find Blackbook refreshing after all the heroic stories we, as Dutch kids, had to hear about everyone's grampa in the Dutch resistance. 

And Carice van Houten does look quite superb with her large txapela...

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