Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Txapela's or Boinas Plato Grandes

The Txapeldun is the quintessential Basque beret, the most perfect embodiment of a tradition that goes back centuries, a symbol for champions (the Txapeldun is often used as a trophy in competitions of sports and the brain), the ultimate protection from sun, rain and snow for the Basque shepherds in the Pyrenees mountains, a hat widely adopted by artists with a reminiscence of the Renaissance and generally, a fantastic beret to wear.

South Pacific Berets now sell two sizes of Txapelduns, the 15" and the very-very large diameter in 16" (which is respectively 13.7" and 14.6" in US sizes and 34.9cm and 37.2cm in the Metric system).
For those who want a very large diameter beret, but find the Txapeldun a bit too much - have a look at the Elosegui Plato Grande, a Super Lujo beret in 14" (12.8 US" or 32.6cm). 

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