Saturday, April 3, 2010

Gauchos con Boina (2)

Some of the best pictures of beret wearers come from the South American pampas. Gauchos from Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay widely adopted the beret, or boina as their preferred (and most practical) headgear.

 Whether cotton berets from Argeninean manufacturer Bonigor SA and the Fabrica Nacional in Uruguay (the 3 top pictures),

or the merino version in small diameter Italian style, or Plato Grandes and TxapeldunsArgentinean and Spanish made.


  1. muy lindas fotos!
    soy Argentina, y amo las boinas

  2. Sou gaúcho brasileiro e amo boinas, e as pilchas vindas da Argentinas, especialmente as com motivos pampa!! viva las pátrias gauchas!!
    (Paulo Ricardo)