Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pierre Labric's Bike Ride down the Eiffel Tower

Found on Vanessa's Joie de Vivre blog, a tribute to Parisian organist, and later mayor of Montmartre, Pierre Labric:

In 1923, as France was in the throws of recovering from the first world war, Pierre brought some much-needed entertainment to the city by riding a bicycle down the Eiffel Tower from the first level (out of three). Some accounts say that he rode down the stairs, others suggest the exterior of one of the tower's four legs which slope outward. 
The man himself (with the beret and dog on the right):

And just to show how far off the ground the first level is:

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  1. Oh yeah, eff that. No way would I ride a bike down there even if I were connected by cables.