Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sam Kinison (with disclaimer)

Somehow, I have less trouble writing about, for instance, berets in the 3rd Reich or beret clad terrorists in the name of Islam, than a post about this ex-evangelist, stand-up comedian Sam Kinison. 

To me, this guy is the ultimate stereotype of what many non-Americans see as the ultimate American; big, dumb, loud, rude and ignorant - and I haste myself to point out that that is far from my personal view of US citizens, of course!

But, he did make it into The Beret Blog, being a consistent beret wearer after the rate of his hair loss started competing with the rate of his drug intake. 
Grove 8
Evidently, he is still popular (Kinison died in April, 1992) in certain circles and possibly made a contribution to an increased beret awareness in the US. 

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