Friday, October 8, 2010

Tall Toad

An exceptional beret manufacturer is Tall Toad, a small company from Claudville, Virginia. I quote from their web site:

"Tall Toad has been designing and selling hats at Renaissance and Medieval Fairs since 1989. Some of our best sellers include BeretsFlat CapsTall Hats,CavaliersTri-corns and fancy Pirate Hats.
My designs are all adaptations based on historical references, many from the Tudor or Elizabethan period. We also make more modern hats including Top Hats and Uncle Sams.

All of our hats are made in Claudville Virginia in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains with the beautiful views and power outages that come from living way out here. We work hard to maintain the quality of the materials we use and buy US made when it’s possible. We enjoy what we do and appreciate the happy feedback we receive from our hat owners so we strive to satisfy.

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  1. Like it It looks very much like Black Peters hat. Black Peter is the helper of St Nicholas,
    a bit like the Dutch version of Father Christmas