Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tetsugen Bernard Glassman

Tetsugen Bernard Glassman  is a Zen teacher with the White Plum Asanga—the lineage of his late teacher Taizan Maezumi-Roshi, to whom he is a Dharma heir. Glassman-Roshi co-founded the Zen Peacemaker Order in 1996 with his late wife, Sandra Jishu Holmes

Bernard Glassman was born to Jewish immigrants in Brighton Beach, New York in 1939. He attended university at the Brooklyn Polytechnic and received a degree in engineering. Following graduation he moved to California to work as an aeronautical engineer at McDonnell-Douglas. He then received his Ph.D. in applied mathematics from the UCLA. 
After reading Philip Kapleau's book "The Three Pillars of Zen" in 1967, Glassman sought a local Zen teacher. He found Taizan Maezumi and Glassman became one of the original founding members of the Zen Center of Los Angeles. He received Dharma transmission in 1976 from Maezumi and then inka in 1995 shortly before Maezumi's death.
In 1982 he established Greyston Bakery in Yonkers, NY, a successful business staffed by his students and homeless people of the area which catered to a wealthy clientele. Glassman-Roshi is well-known for his so-called “street retreats,” where he and his students live among homeless people on the streets for extended periods of time. 

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  1. Bernie Glassman is a real Buddhist mensch. I admire what he is trying to do with Buddhism in America (too long to go into here). My beret's off to him!