Tuesday, October 19, 2010

One Off - Super Lujo - Airborne

I often get the question if I sell military berets as well (more specifically green and maroon berets that are generally worn by "special forces" around the world). 
I don't. In principal... Sometimes some interesting military berets come my way and I'll post them here or on the'One Off section' of South pacific Berets. 

It's a bit different with this beret. This black beret is made by Boinas Elósegui for the Spanish 'Paracaidista', the Airborne Forces of the Spanish army and it is likely the best beret any soldier can wish for: made in Boinas Elósegui's Super Lujo quality!
Dama Legionaria Paracaidista
At present, I have only one sample in size 60, but if there is interest - I am happy to import more.
The boina Paracaidista is black, has a satin lining, a diameter of 25cm, black rim, drawstring, 2 air vents and a beret badge protection patch.

1 comment:

  1. very happy to have found you.
    I have ordered one of your The Boina Super Lujo, just yesterday. I am praying they are in stock and can be delivered to myself in short order.
    Bless you for making these available to a devoted beret wearer like myself.
    all the best
    Federico Alvarez