Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ceramics, Pottery and Good Taste

Until my first visit to New Zealand, some 13 years ago, I had no interest in pottery and ceramics. It was an eye-opener to see how many potters there are in this country, many of them even making a (often meager) living with their art.
I was impressed with how many people actually go to a potter to get their tea and coffee cups, the nicely decorated plates and little works of art. 
Ceramic commemoration photograph
Quite different from what I was used to in Europe, where earthenware is usually bought from large stores, factory made (often in countries with cheap labour) and with no individualism or artistic considerations involved.
Looking for a connection between the beret and pottery, I didn't find too many interesting pieces (and what I found was kind of.., well, you judge for yourself), but have a look at my friend Mike Perry's web site to get a feel for great NZ pottery. 
"Brutus and Mary", by Mike Perry
Or do you prefer a fine piece of "Green Beret Art" like this: