Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sculpteur Victoria Shaw

A Pacific Northwest native, Victoria Shaw received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Marylhurst University before developing an interest in ceramics. After taking a class from Patrick Horsley, clay became a lifelong love.
For years the artist coiled vase forms on her kitchen table and at local craft centers. In 1980 she returned to the academic world, earning both a Bachelor and a Masters degree in Fine Arts at the University of Oregon. Her work derives inspiration from "the still, small voice within," and often her sculptures speak about a collective spiritual vision. 
Victoria Shaw works on her pottery at the Stark Street Studios and Gallery in Southeast Portland
Since 1986 she has been making totems of various forms. Victoria lives and works in Portland, Oregon, and her sculpture is collected throughout the United States, as well as Israel and Japan. In addition her work is featured in many publications, including magazines and books.
From the Portland Tribune:
Victoria Shaw could be considered your typical artist. She wears a beret, works countless hours on her ceramics, takes inspiration from the spiritual world, spreads the love by teaching young people, and puts such care into pieces — it’s not surprising that some sell for more than $4,000.
“People ask me, ‘How long does it take you to make this?’ ” she says, standing amidst some of her work at the Stark Street Studios and Gallery. “I say, ‘Oh, about 35 years.’ “
She laughs about the pat answer. “It took me that long to get to the point where I am now.”
Then again, how many artists have been a religious postulant and a truck driver?
Shaw has all the vocations covered in her life — religion, blue collar, educator, artist...
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