Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Completely New On-Line Store of South Pacific Berets!

Together with the introduction of South Pacific Berets' very own berets, I am happy to announce the completely new web site of South Pacific Berets. Better overview, easier ordering (all prices include international air mail postage and handling) and more specific information on the various berets, sizes, flight, material, the making of Basque berets, etc., etc. 
And then, of course, our own berets. The start of a range of affordable, quality berets in pure wool, with lining and carrying the embroidered South Pacific Berets - label. 
Listening to customers who found that some berets are too tight for large sized heads, we start with a range of large sized (32cm/12.6") berets with a larger head-opening, best for sizes 69/7 1/4 and up, in Navy, Brown, Maroon and Green, soft and easy to shape - soon to be followed by a similar diameter beret in Black and a range of cotton berets in a large diameter with lining. 
For now, all S.P.B. berets come at a low price of $29.95!

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