Friday, March 4, 2011

The India Series #4 - Marine Commandos

No, generally I don't write about all these different regiments, units, squadrons and whatever that have their own distinctive beret and paraphernalia, but these photographs of the Indian MARCOS, or Marine Commando's, very much reminded me of the Chasseurs Alpins (and you all know how important they were in the coming of age of the beret!). 
I couldn't find any information on why this unit has this very wide beret and any information would be very welcome.
The force started off as the Indian Marine Special Force, the first batch qualifying in February 1987. It was later renamed as the Marine Commando Force (MCF) in 1991. The force has acquired a reputation for its tough professionalism over the two decades it has been in existence. Now it is considered amongst the finest maritime special forces in the world and one of the few units qualified to jump in the water with a full combat load.
The force was initially trained by the other special forces of the country, including those under the Home Ministry, the Army, Air Force, Police and paramilitary units. This was later supplemented by foreign training facilities, notably the SEALS of the U.S. Navy and further training was conducted with the British Special Forces. Over the years, the force set up its own training facility, first as an adjunct of the operational company at Mumbai, later as the Naval Special Warfare Tactical Training Centre. Wide exposure to different forms of warfare have been obtained through field operations in counter insurgency and anti terrorist operations within the country, and joint exercises with more than a dozen countries across the world.
(Note the beard: standard wear as to facilitate infiltration in Pakistan and/or Kashmir.)


  1. these guys are not Indian,they look like pathans.i have so many Indian colleagues but i never saw these kind of guys,and ship behind them is not an indian ship

    1. dude thats an anglo indian...basically a guy of mixed caucasian and asian race....their community is small but stong..those are deffinitely marcos..see their insignia on shoulder and right chest,,indistinguishable indain navy signs...

  2. look closely their cap badges consist of the ashoka pillars so definetly they are Indian commandos perhap photo taken during joint exercise so the vessel is not an Indian one

  3. These Certainly are the photos Indian commandos forces and I happened to visit the infantry regiment few years back and behind is the prototype model of Aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya and for your information that is not a ship.This prototype model was displayed on 26 Jan 2011 on Republic day parade and one of school mate also participated in that display parade.These soldier are mainly from Indian Dogras of kashmir,Kashmiri pandits and Punjabi hindus and sikhs and Parsis also display such physical appearance.

  4. Where are the Gurkhas?

  5. Good suggestion! I'll look into the Ghurka's.

  6. These are certainly the MARCOS all the Indian special forces are allowed to keep beards, basically for deceptivity!