Saturday, March 19, 2011

More on American-French Relations

Following up on yesterday's post, I paste in an article I found on this web site:

John Kerry launches line of French cameras to help Americans break "American lens" habit.

On the heels of his comments yesterday that it is “unfortunate” that Americans look through the world with an “American lens,” John Kerry has signed on with a French camera manufacturer to produce a line of French-flag adorned cameras. The former presidential hopeful said he hopes the new camera will remind Americans to pause and consider the feelings of other countries, particularly those who have long histories of deftly handling world issues

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  1. The french helped the americans in their fight for independency, they donated "Miss Liberty" and , the other way round, some american nincompoops tried to rename "French Fries" into "Freedom Fries". Modern world`s Troglodytes?