Friday, August 24, 2012

Paul Orta - Bluesman

Paul Orta (Vocal and Harmonica) was born in Port Arthur, Texas hometown of Janis Joplin, Guitar Junior and other prominent musicians. Paul was first influenced by the blues at the age of eight, when he saw Louis Armstrong on a movie. After nine years of playing with schoolband, Paul quit because the band never played Jazz or Blues. Within a half of a year Paul picked up the harmonica, and in three months he was in his first professional band. The name of the group was the Bayou Boogie Band, and they played and toured the Golden Triangle of Southeast Texas Beaumont, Port Arthur, Orange, and Louisiana for three years.
Lately Paul has been working as a producer and has produced for Dialtone records Ervin Charles Greyhound Blues, Richard Earl for a Christmas compilation (also on Dialtone) and Wild Bill Pitre. He also has two new records of his own, one with Lazy Lester, on his own label BLUES INTERNATIONAL, to be distributed in Europe. Paul who lives in Paris when not in Austin or Port Arthur, has been an active promoter of Blues in the School program in Port Arthur.

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