Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Netherlands Royal Air Force

Researching berets in the Dutch military, I was surprised to see that the old Garrison or Side Cap is replaced by a -so much more sensible- grey beret. 
But then, when I did my time with the "Koninklijke Luchtmacht" (RNAF), I found little sense in the whole thing, really... 
It was actually this very garrison cap that often got me into trouble; not wearing it according to military specifications has cost me many times the sum of 10 Guilders!  I hated it so much, I eventually took to wearing the -just as ridiculous and unpractical- flat cap.
Yes, that's me, more than 30 years ago (spare me your comments, I know...). 
So, these days the boys and girls in the RNAF wear berets (and seem to be using quite different hardware from what I did in 1982).
I wouldn't mind having one of these 'new' RNAF berets for my collection, but with my military history and being a conscientious objector now (no more time in the Reserves for me!), I doubt they'll grant me this wish.

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