Monday, August 6, 2012

Tyrone Power - The Razor's Edge

Based on W. Somerset Maugham's highly acclaimed 1944 novel, this is a sprawling, ambitious account of one man's quest for spiritual identity. Over a number of years and continents, we watch as Chicago scion Larry Darrell (Tyrone Power), newly returned from World War I, breaks off his engagement to the lovely but shallow Isabel (Gene Tierney) in order to run off to Paris, and then India, in search of enlightenment. Years pass, the stock market crashes, and the former lovers are reunited. Larry has found the peace he seeks, but the now-married Isabel is still obsessed with him, resulting in great tragedy. 
Larry,- in the black beret,- seen here from the 1946 movie version of "The Razor's Edge,"
played by Tyrone Power, enters the opium den in Paris in search of Sophie. Sophie (Ann
Baxter) is shown passed out on the sofa with one of the den's denizens. The 1946 black
and white movie holds fairly close to W. S. Maugham's novel in plot, story line and intent.

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