Friday, August 31, 2012

The Scandinavian Series #15 Helge Torvund

Helge Torvund (1951) is a Norwegian poet, author, literary critic and psychologist. Helge started wearing a beret as a child and hasn't taken it off since.

As a teenager, Torvund decided to become a poet, and published his first book of poetry while studying at the University of Oslo.
Majoring in psychology, Torvund followed lectures in philosophy and immersed himself in art and literature, specializing in 'Beat Literature'.
His poetry collection "Alabama?" (2011) did extremely well. The collection was reprinted twice and received positive reviews and much attention, partly because the writer used social media and new media like Twitter and Word Fluency in the launch.
His children's book Vivaldi came out in 2011, illustrated by Mari Kanstad Johnsen and is about a girl who gets bullied at school. The book won a silver price in the "year's most beautiful books" in Norway and in 2012 by the New York-based Website for Culture and Criticism:, designated as one of the 20 most beautiful in the world's books of all time.
Helge Torvund is the brother of artist Gunnar Torvund.

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