Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Make his 50th birthday; buy a beret!

No, this is not Daan posting at The Beret Project, but his wife Megan. It's Daan's 50th today, celebrated together at the beach at Worser Bay, Wellington (see photo). He wears a "plato grande", I believe...
Come on, make his day: buy a beret!


  1. Dear Daan - Congrats! :-)

    Bobbel Boy told me about this important day!

    Surely he hopes that I would order 5 or 6 new berets - for Bobbel Boy. He is really a beret-freak. He even goes to bed with a beret!:-)
    But I told him -
    My little Bobbel Boy - please listen:
    I'm only an unknown painter, I' m not Croesus.
    I'm a descendant of Vincent van Gogh (who believes?),
    and who cares... ? :-(

    So here is nothing to do, than to send my

    Have a nice day!

    - Matthias (Germany - South)

  2. Happy 50th Daan! May the second half a century be as wonderful as your first.
    David in Jujuy, Argentina

    1. Thank you, David. Good to see you here again. If the first day as a 50 year old is anything to go by, I look at a bright future!

  3. Happy B-day, Daan!
    In some cultures, it's customary for the birthday celebrant to give gifts out to all his friends rather than receive! :) (So, I'll take any real high-end boina ya got in a size 60!)

    I'll be holding my breath... :D

    1. My wife has actually taken care of that already, a surprise party with lot of good food and fine drinks handed out. You should have been there, but then, I didn't send the invitations...
      Didn't get any beret myself, btw.