Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Village Hat Shop vs South Pacific Berets

Googling for a place to find berets for sale, you are most likely to first get to the Village Hat Shop (who own the web site www.berets.com). 
Good colleagues, sure, (I appreciate all promotion of berets!), but I don't like their claim: "Berets.com - the largest selection of berets from around the world."
Not just because www.SouthPacificBerets.com claims exactly that ("the largest selection of berets, anywhere on the planet"), but because we are!   
Going through an interesting variety of berets on berets.com, I can't help noticing that there are practically no berets made by any of the few traditional beret manufacturers left in the world. Indeed, only the Jaxon (a custom label made by one of the French manufacturers) would qualify as a true beret, while the rest all comes from either the US (Bretmar) and mostly China.  
Just for the record: South Pacific Berets is the only retailer in the world that sells berets from all traditional Basque beret manufacturers, including numerous brands that are virtually unavailable anywhere else on the internet!

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  1. It's great to have selection but the best reason to buy from South Pacific Berets is the customer service. Rapid responses to enquiries, patient and complete explanations, friendliness and just plain good old-fashioned assistance. It's the difference between shopping in a mega-mart or in an owner-operated small shop. As I've said before, "Whoever thought that buying a beret could be so complex and complicated?" It's good to have an expert for guidance. SPB is the only place for my beret needs now!