Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ultra Basque Berets

By popular demand, really: the Ultra Basques. 
Once pretty much the only Basque berets available in the US, the Czech (previously Czechoslovak) made Ultra Basques.
The Ultra Basque is a traditional beret with a long history, originally made by FEZCO (which was later taken over by TONAK) - one of the oldest hat manufacturers in the world still in operation today.
Un-lined, basic berets in a one-size-fit-all that are extremely comfortable to wear and at a very competitive price (from $27.00). Available in two diameters: 10.5" / 265mm (in black and grey) and 11.5" / 290mm (in black, navy,and heather varieties). 100% wool, except for the 10.5" in grey (70/30% wool/viscose).
The berets in heather wool are available in Charcoal, Brown and Camel; the heather giving the felted wool a slightly marbled effect.
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