Sunday, February 17, 2013


The name Michelin is more than just the manufacturer of tyres for French cars; the 2nd tyre manufacturer in the world (Michelin owns BF Goodrich, Kleber and Uniroyal, among others), Michelin is also known for it's travel guides, maps and the stars that are so much appreciated by restaurants. 
Ad for Michelin Australia, 1922
Many are the innovations in tires that Michelin came up with: in 1946 the radial tyre (then known as the "X" tyre), and in 1934, Michelin introduced a tyre, which if punctured, would run on a special foam lining, now known as a run-flat tyre (self-supporting type).
Michelin representative delivers the goods with his Vespa scooter combination. 1953
Michelin's wealth came from Indo-Chine (Vietnam), where the population was pretty much used as slave-labourers (at the rubber plantations). The Vietnamese had a reason to fight their oppressors and for communism....
Westminster Bridge, 1954
Anyway, one would think that such an icon like Michelin would have some associations with that other French icon, the beret. But despite many searches, all I could find were these pictures; nice ones, but from England!

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