Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mommie Schwarz

Samuel Leser "Mommie" Schwarz (28 July 1876 - 19 November 1942) was a Dutch Jewish painter and graphic artist. He also worked as a designer of book covers.
In 1920 he married Else Berg. Together they became an artistic couple and were part of the Bergen School of painters. Schwarz and Berg were both killed at Auschwitz in 1942.
Haven (Port)
Schwarz was influenced by such painters as Leo Gestel and Charley Toorop. The works of the Bergen School are characterized by Cubist figuration and expressionist influences in dark shades, which also applies to much of Schwarz’s work.
Schwarz is especially known for his harbor scenes, landscapes, portraits and still lifes.
He also worked as an illustrator and designed book covers and posters, including illustrations for the Dutch art magazine Wendingen.
Painting like Else Berg and Mommie Schwarz, in the Jewish Museum, Amsterdam

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