Sunday, March 30, 2014

Berets and Marketing

Although it may sound strange, from someone running an on-line beret shop, the nicest way of buying a beret, I believe, is over the counter from an old grandmother in an even older store that sells -apart from berets (not individually packed - just a stack of them in acorner of the store) - vegetables, hardware, newspapers, cooking utensils, groceries, some clothing, espadrilles... You'll get the idea. I remember those kind of shops in rural France and Belgium, on summer holidays some 45 years ago. 
There are not many left. The last one that came close for me was a small shop in Anso (Spain), where I noticed a box with a beret label on the shelves, but alas, it was no more than the old box...
Different times, different marketing. Now you best buy your berets on-line, I guess, and all information is found on web pages. But, have a look at these beautiful boxes: 
These are all American made, in an attempt to make the beret inside even more appealing to potential customers.
I love the text on the back-side of this box here:

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