Thursday, March 6, 2014

Gaúcho da Fronteira

Gaúcho da Fronteira, stage name of Heber Artigas Armúa Fróis (1947), is a singer and musician from Uruguay, but now a naturalized Brazilian. He is one of the most popular performers of gaucho regional music .

 He began playing guitar , accordion and bandoneon as a child and in 1968 he joined the group "Os Vaqueanos" with whom he recorded numerous albums.
In 1975 he recorded his first solo album, titled "Gaúcho da Fronteira"  and reaffirmed himself as a representative of the traditional music of the Pampas.
In the 1980s his songs became popular throughout Brazil. In the 1990s he returned to playing at traditional Brazilian music events  and in 1999 released the CD "Forronerão" with the group ‘Embers do Forró’.

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