Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Gijs Jacobs van den Hof

Gijsbert Jan " Gijs " Jacobs van den Hof (1889 - 1965 ) was a Dutch sculptor.
Gijs Jacobs van den Hof studied at the technical school training as a cabinetmaker and developed his skills as a sculptor. Between 1906 and 1921 he lived and worked mainly in Amsterdam, interrupted with breaks in Antwerp and Paris.
In 1921 he settled in Arnhem, where he was a lecturer at the Academy of Art (1921-1954 ), teaching ceramics and bronze casting.
"Mens tegen macht", WWII memorial Arnhem, Netherlands

Jacobs van den Hoff was a traditional artist with a love of the material. As a furniture maker, he had learned to work with different materials and as a sculptor he studied further in various techniques . He worked with marble , travertine and alabaster, but also made wood carvings and he used several bronze casting techniques . His own work was mostly nudes and portraits. 

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