Friday, March 14, 2014

NEW: Bérets Casquette Auloronesa

Brand new and only a very small number in stock: Bérets Casquette Auloronesa!
A true 10p béret with a peak. Without doubt, the most comfortable, best quality, Béret Casquette you could possibly find; with a fully adjustable headband with internal string and the trademark Béarnaise cows on the embroidered label. 
Until late April, only 6 available.


  1. Hello,

    This brand of Beret looks nice but even when you ran them on SPECIAL last week $69.95 + $15 shipping + USD exchange puts this brand of beret in and around between $90 and $100 Canadian! That's almost $100 CND for a beret - wayyyyy too expensive friend.
    I have noticed that around 5 years ago you could order a quality beret from you for just under $40 CND and now your prices are through the roof! No offence, i "hope" you don't feel like i am being a sourpuss about this but i am starting to see why in this very tough economic times but in Europe and North America people are going for the cheaper Indian and Chinese knockoffs. It just boils down to economics and affordability!
    I pondered and repondered over and over again buying a Bérets Casquette Auloronesa or a Bérets Universal at $69.95 (very expensive in itself) and when i added the rest of the charges the price point just ran away from me. Not to long ago i also bought a Petit Basque for my daughter and on the website it said $29.50, and then it turned out i was charged $32.50 plus the add on charges. A $3 difference that magically got added to the price on Paypalo despite them being advertised on your website at $29.50. Now, they are $35.50? Do you see what i mean?
    Hope you are not upset, i am just saying beret prices have shot through the roof. It would be nice, however, if you could run another special for these Bérets Auloronesa brand at say $48 a beret or casquette. I am sure your sales for that SPECIAL would probably go through the roof.
    It's a darn shame these berets in general have doub;ed in price in the last 5 years, a darn shame indeed!!

    1. Yes, I see what you mean, but there is a logical explanation for it.
      When I fist started selling berets, very small scale, as a service to visitors of The Beret Project some 5 years ago, I sold them on for what I thought was cost price.Naively, I didn't bother calculating through shipping and import costs - this was the first correction I had to make.
      When things grew bigger and boxes of berets entered the country not just in 12's but in 100's, I had to "become a business", register with the IRD, pay broker fees, import duties, GST, etc. - a massive added cost.
      And apart from that, wholesale prices of the berets I sell when gradually up. Some of the traditional manufacturers are at the very edge of survival and if you realize what their product is about, the amount of labour and manual work involved in the production of every single beret, you'd understand how unfair a competition it is with, say, a baseball-cap (some of which I see sold at extraordinary prices) which is made in China, but carries a fancy American or European label.
      As for the Auloronesa's, as explained on this and other sites, these berets are made by a one-man company, very much by hand (the system of internal drawstrings in a 'Universel' doesn't allow for batches more than 10 at a time). With that in mind, plus the quality of the merino wool, the shipping, import costs, taxes, etc. - maybe you can see that the cost for these berets is actually not that high.
      I agree, it may be a lot of money, but as always, you get what you pay for.
      Needless to say, your suggestion to sell a Auloronesa at $48.00 means I wouldn't make any money on them, it would cost me dearly.

      Hope this helps.